We’re not like other private equity firms.

We have a deep understanding of technology businesses. In a complex industry where growth is paramount, we understand the difficulty of managing profitable businesses while simultaneously seeking growth through investments in emerging technologies.

We believe that different stage businesses require distinct strategies, expertise and incentives that are difficult to achieve in concert with market and investor expectations. We specialize in helping companies reposition themselves to navigate these challenges.

We work with our portfolio companies to align strategy and operations to business and market trajectory. We focus on driving efficiency and profitability for mature businesses while nurturing growth assets to unlock company value.

Siris has a team of experienced investors and industry leaders who seek partnership with motivated management teams. We have insight backed by years of private equity and technology experience and bring to bear our extensive network of industry relationships to help navigate the complexity of today’s technology markets. We understand technology and we’re not afraid of challenges.

If your industry is in transition, your investors struggle to understand your story, or your business is undervalued, let’s talk.

Meet our portfolio companies to learn how we are working together for success.

Firm History

Our founders, Frank Baker, Peter Berger and Jeffrey Hendren, have worked together for over 18 years. They founded Siris Capital in 2011 with the mission of bringing new thinking and a unique approach to private equity investing, in technology businesses.

Siris has raised over $5.9 billion of cumulative committed capital and is currently targeting investment opportunities with transaction values of $500 million to $5 billion.