Investment Strategy

Core to Siris’ investment approach is our “bond and call” strategy.

In our experience, many technology businesses are characterized by the evolution from a high-flying growth business to a mature, low-growth business as the next generation of products enter the market. We look for investment opportunities that have both a strong legacy business (the “bond”) as well as potential robust growth assets (the “call”).

Post investment, Siris applies its unique “bond/call” approach to target long term business results and attractive returns:

  • Focus on Profitability of Mature Businesses
  • Build Value in Emerging Technologies
  • Align Strategy with Market Conditions


The Siris Team

Fundamental to Siris’ investment strategy is our team of Executive Partners. Our Executive Partners are exceptional operating executives who work with Siris to identify, validate and drive forward our long-term investments. Siris Executive Partners work closely with motivated management teams who want more from their businesses.

We are passionate about helping mature businesses through industry transition. We seek partnerships with management teams to help develop the right strategies and execute operations that create value.

Meet our team.